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The Next Friday Tartan Blender January 23, 2015

January 23. The Tartan continues the Blender. You still don't need a league and you still don't need a team. You still don't need to be a good curler but every week you will get better until you crush all before you and they bow down to your remarkable curling skills and offer you the use of their best shoes for the coming week so you can strut around in style. Come and we will put you on a team. We have brooms. We have sliders. 7:30 come for pointers if you're a little fuzzy about how to curl. Register at 8:00 and we will start at 8:30. Four end games to start then finish with a two end game. Who knows? Yours may be the team whose name is immortalized (until the next week) on the TARTAN BLENDER. The Gates of Dawn will be playing. Do not miss this. You will be sad and question the meaning of existence if you do. Only $10.00 to not be sad and avoid an existential crisis.



Monday Night Open League Draw

The Monday Night Open League is as follows. We look forward to another exiciting curling season with all of you!

Monday Jan 19 2015 7 PM

Bell vs Morrow,

Crasswell vs Mulready,

Dreher vs Proulx,

Endsin vs Penkala,

Lelliott vs Mowbray

Sheet Disturbers get the bye


Tuesday Night Open League Draw

Tuesday Jan 20, 2015

Martin vs GK Plus,

Folk vs Rieger,

Miller vs Holderness,

Flavel vs Galbraith,

Burgess vs Herauf,

Scott vs Kloschinsky


Thursday Night Open


Thursday, January 22, 2015

7:00 pm games

Buchanan vs Walter

Tuchsherer vs Wollmann

Hungle vs Schmidt

Martin vs Wilson

Kloschinsky vs C. Semenchuck

Obst vs R. Semenchuck

Giroux vs Barry Dusyk

Start the Truck vs Paterson

Brian Dusyk vs Stroeder

Newton vs Egan


9:00 pm Games

Mighty Geese vs Krasowski

Legion of Brooms vs Knouse

Sinclair vs Galger

Davies vs Machmar

Andrews vs Galbraith

The Southern Men's Tankard

This past weekend we hosted the Southern Tankard chaired by Chris Krasowski and a huge thank you is owed to our president Liane McLean and all the incredible volunteers who pitched in to make it work. Thank you! 


Daily Curling Schedule


  • Hotelmen League 10:00

  • Youth League 3:30
  • Sunday Mixed League 7:00

  • Learn to Curl 7:00


  • Wheat City Senior's League 9:00

  • Tartan Senior Men’s League 1:00

  • High School League 4:00

  • Open League 7:00


  • Grade 6 Physical Education 9:30

  • Tam-O-Shanter Ladies League 1:00

  • U of R Faculty and Staff League 4:45

  • Tartan Open League 7:00

  • The Under 30 Rec League 9:00


  • Matinée Ladies League 1:00
  • Tartan Senior Men’s League 1:00

  • City of Regina League 6:45


  • Harmony Builders Masters Men 9:30

  • Tam-O-Shanter Ladies 1:00

  • Curl For Kids 4:15

  • Tartan Open League 7:00 & 9:00


  • Wheat City Senior's League 9:00

  • Tartan Senior Men’s League 1:00

  • Teacher’s League 4:30

  • Friday Mixed League 7:00

  • The Under 30 Rec League 9:00


  • Curl for Kids 11:00
  • Public Ice Rental 1:00


  • Practice Ice 12:00 NOON

  • Public Ice Rental (times vary)

  • Private Lessons (times vary)


Members Only Section

All league schedules and standings are available in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the Tartan website.  A user name and password is required for the security of our members personal information.  If you receive our e-newsletters every month you are in our database and you can receive your password by clicking the "I Forgot My Password" link on the LOGIN page of the Tartan Website.  If you are a new member or have not registered your email address with us you can Register Here.  If you have any questions or would like assistance gaining access to the members only section of the Tartan Website e-mail the Tartan Office or call us at 522-1649.

Archived News

Are you looking for more Tartan News?  The Tartan Archives can be found under 'General Info' on the left menu bar.  You can go directly to the news for each season by selecting one of the seasons below.  Summer news is also available for each season.

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